i just wanted to put this out there since im sure it’ll get written about differently tomorrow. 


Game of Thrones Transit Maps

Posters of the maps are available at inPRNT: Westeros and The Known World. You can also view the maps at high resolution on my Flickr: Westeros and The Known World.


the onion is being way too real rn


they better give him a endorsement deal

New stills from The Maze Runner (x)


Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is marching with protestors in Fergoson, MO.

After being given control of Ferguson from the Missouri Governor, Johnson has ordered all police to remove their masks and cease their violent tactics. He is protecting the citizens’ right to peaceful protest, and is actively engaging in dialogue with protesting residents.

Italy + Water  x


Prayers to all of the people in that town. This is bullshit anyone is treated like this. It is fucking 2014 get ur shit together.

"We all bleed red but whos blood is in the streets?"

"I think I’m surprisingly different in real life than what people expect or what people project on to me. I’m not actually that awkward, I don’t think. I think people see me as this sarcastic person that doesn’t care about anything. But, on the contrary, I’m pretty emotional and sensitive and I care a lot about things and people. I think in moments where the spotlight is on me — like if I’m doing a talk show — my defenses come into play and maybe that’s why people see me that way. But, I think my sarcasm is often a way for me to get through those moments. I mean, if you came over to my house, I’d make you a cup of tea and be probably really interested in you."

 - Aubrey Plaza for Refinery29 [x]

Man I’ve been lamenting the fact that plotting is my Achilles heel when it comes to writing and getting super down on myself like HOW WILL I EVER WRITE A BOOK EVER. Then yesterday I looked at my notebook, in which I’ve been piecing together an outline, scene by scene, and I had this beautiful epiphany: THIS IS PLOT. I HATH PLOTTED.